Online Dialogue and Surveys

Viewpoint Learning’s Online Dialogue and Online Surveys use cutting edge technology to create an interactive, in-depth experience that provides compelling and important insight for leaders about the public’s existing and sometimes surprising common ground on a wide range of issues.

Online Survey

Viewpoint Learning’s online surveys focus on identifying and analyzing common ground around difficult issues, rather than where the divides lie. Using cutting edge survey design and programming techniques, Viewpoint Learning’s online surveys are designed to appeal to both computer and mobile device users. An innovative and lively graphic interface leads to extremely high completion rates. And these techniques help to engage a diverse population often underrepresented in traditional surveys in answering difficult questions on complex issues.

Online Dialogue

Viewpoint Learning’s Online Dialogue enables people to participate in an electronic dialogue with others who hold very different worldviews. In an environment where flaming is rampant, on-line dialogue is a less strident, more open process that finds and examines common ground around possible solutions to complex issues.

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