Viewpoint Learning’s Choice-DialogueTM is a research tool that provides insight into public opinion, views and values that goes far beyond polls or focus groups. These structured, daylong meetings are designed to reveal how participants’ views on complex issues change as they learn, moving from initial raw opinion to considered judgment along a multi-stage ”learning curve”.

Viewpoint Learning developed Choice-Dialogue to deal with issues where people have not yet made up their minds. Under these conditions people’s surface opinions are highly unstable. Polls and focus groups, which take snapshots of opinions, provide little sense of how those opinions are likely to evolve as people learn, or of the kind of leadership initiatives that can help accelerate the learning process.

When conducted with a representative sample of the population, Choice-Dialogue provides a basis for anticipating how the broader public will resolve issues once they have the opportunity to come to grips with them, and they also provide insight into how best to lead such a learning process on a larger scale.

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