Steven Rosell

President and Co-Founder

Dr. Steven Rosell is president and co-founder of Viewpoint Learning.

He leads the development of Viewpoint Learning’s innovative dialogue-based techniques and their application in both business and the public sector. These dialogues – whether with the public, key stakeholders or employees – enable decision-makers to understand different viewpoints in depth and use that understanding to find common ground and new ways forward.

Steve acts as an advisor to governments, international agencies and major firms, and is the author of numerous articles and four books on questions of governance, leadership and learning. His most recent books are Renewing Governance: Governing by Learning in the Information Age, and Changing Frames, (in English, PDF, 198 K or in French, PDF, 258 K).

He has worked with hundreds of executives in the public and private sectors developing the learning-based approaches to leadership and governance needed to deal with new social and political realities.

Previously, Steve was a senior official of the Government of Canada, where he led the group responsible for advising four Prime Ministers on the organization and machinery of government and related issues. He also served in the departments responsible for foreign affairs and international trade, consumer and corporate affairs, and housing and urban affairs. In addition, he was senior fellow at the International Development Research Centre, and Director of the Governability Research Program at the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Steve holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University, and is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

Contact Steven Rosell by email or phone at 858-551-2317.

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