Frances Michener

Director of Training

Frances MichenerDirector of Training Frances Michener specializes in leadership training, communication and listening skills, coaching and group facilitation. At Viewpoint Learning Frances works closely with the team of expert facilitators, designs and conducts trainings for private and public sector clients, and serves as the lead facilitator on many of our ChoiceDialogue and Stakeholder Dialogue projects.

Frances spent 18 years in the United Kingdom and Europe, where her clients included PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chevron U.K., and Mars, Incorporated. In the U.K., Frances taught at the University of London¹s Birkbeck College School of Management and Organizational Psychology. Her research there focused on groups that span national and cultural boundaries especially in Eastern and Western Europe and North Africa.

She is the author of numerous articles on these subjects and on interpersonal skills training and the adult learner’s ability to transfer newly learned skills from the training setting to the workplace.

Frances pioneered the use of team-building urban adventures to enable inner city youth to develop a sense of agency, new skills and wider perspectives. In honor of this work she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She is also an experienced expedition leader of multi-national climbing teams in remote wilderness settings.

Frances earned a Masters of Science in organizational behavior from the University of London.

Contact Frances Michener by email or phone at 858-551-2317.

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